Maria and Eduard got married on September 17th, 2021 at Masia La Garriga in Castelladral after having postponed the wedding up to twice due to the pandemic. “It was very hard, you have everything ready but the circumstances were not ideal. It was the best decision. Finally, we could enjoy our day changing nothing but later than expected”, Maria says.

They immediately felt that their ideal place was this farmhouse for the magic of its forest, the privileged views of the mountain of Montserrat and the warmth of its owners.


The couple, who have lived in the United Kingdom for more than 8 years, imagined a celebration that reflected on the one hand their Catalan roots and, on the other, their Anglo-Saxon influence.

“We were at two friends’ weddings before ours, one in Barcelona and the other in England. We both took inspiration from it. The English wedding was more formal, elegant, and full of details, and the one in Catalonia a party kind of, where music and food were paramount. We wanted to combine the two ideas, we wanted a wedding full of white flowers, simple and elegant, and at the same time this kind of feeling where you are attending a party instead of a formal celebration”, they remember.


During the preparations there was a candle scented with white roses.This candle is an English tradition, it is lit while the bride is in the room getting ready and, over time, when you light it again, her scent transports you back to that day,” says Maria.

The ceremony took place in the  forest, “the place where the wedding is celebrated is perfect, the positioning is very strategic. When I walked in dressed as a bride, I did not see Edu until I got to the entrance corridor and the whole walk was very special.

Their love story is born in Barcelona, surrounded by books. They met in 2011 in the university library where he was studying, and she was doing her internship. They met again months later at a New Year’s Eve party and fell in love.

  “In 2013, we had been together for a year and a half. He went to England to do a master’s degree. We were apart for a year and we missed each other every day. Then he was offered a doctorate program there, and since I didn’t have a stable job in Barcelona, we decided to embark on the adventure of leaving and starting to live together in the UK. It had to be only for 3 years, and we’ve already been there more than 8!”


The groom’s best friends in England, Terry and Adam, decided to surprise us with a speech and had our Catalan friends translate as they spoke so that everyone could understand them.


Venue: Masia La Garriga de Castelladral– Bride’s dress: Rosa Clarà – Groom suit: La Creadora – Flowers: La Magnòlia – Photography: Marta Clotet Photgraphy – Hair: Sílvia Burgos – Make up: Rituals Je t’aime – DJ: Parentesis – Lights: Your Happy Day 

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